Working with us is simpler than you think. You have better knowledge about the process of our work according to the stationary workers. You also have the full information about what you are paying for. How is that possible?

We use a time tracking software with screenshots and activity levels. You have an insight to how much time we have actually spent on your project and how much time the particular task took us. You pay only for the time we have actually spent on the work. You are not covering for breaks, but for the work itself.

Fixed Price – we set up the price and we do the task. The key condition is a precisely prepared scripts and sending us all the necessary materials before we start the job. All of our mistakes are corrected for free. If you want to change something at the end, it cannot be about more than 6% of the material. If more, we charge.
Hourly Job – here you are paying for each hor of work. It is very useful when you expect to have a lot of changes in the project. You do not have to worry about the corrections, because in this case we do them all the time.

Our main advantages are quality and speed. If you have clients in USA or Canada and you will send us the materials for the animation in the afternoon your time, we will start it when you finish. Due to the time difference, when we finish the task, you are waking up in the morning the next day. Basically speaking, if the customer gave you all of the info in the evening, you can present him the finalized project in the morning. Believe me, it puts you way ahead of the competition. I think we don’t have to mention that the cooperation is the best when the projects are long term and cyclical.