How We Got Started

Art35mm is a daughter company of FIKFILM, which is responsible for the top productions in Poland. Art35mm was created to share its experience with the companies based in USA. We already have gained a trust from many people and companies based in USA.

Our team

Everyone of us is specialized in a different field. What we have in common is creativity and passion for delivering the high quality videos.

Przemyslaw Fik

Founder / CEO

I'm passionate about creating art and seeking for new challenge. I've got master on fine art degree... But it's not the main thing. Over the last 13 years, I have developed myself on Video Editing, Graphics Design and Color Correction. I've collected my own international prizes such as NY Festivals, International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) - Montreal, Rose d'Or in Lucerne, Golden Prague in Prague.

Jennifer Dzielo

Character creation / animation 2D/3D

My fields of interests are techniques to make characters have sophisticated moves and emotional impact on the viewer. I merge several workflows to get the best results.

Maciej Kachel


Who said that watching cartoons and reading comic books is a waste of time. Thanks to them I create characters and backgrounds for animations.

Filip Czarczynski

3D Generalist

3D Generalist. Creator of independent animations. Fan of heavy music, sports, new technologies and motorization.

Mariusz Chodorek

Illustrator, graphic, web and slide show designer, flash animator

Design and creativity is my work and passion. My key features are strong motivation and individual attitude for everything what I do. I can offer professional knowledge and years of experience. My work includes creation of the concept and realization.